Whispers in the night - new stoner track

  • Hi !

    I'm back to recording after a long 3 month intense Dev/Sysops training ( looking for a remote int. job BTW )

    I'll focus on recording in the next month

    Here is a quick n dirty track, done in 2 hours from scratch, so forgive the imperfections

    I'm just starting singing again , trying some growls , lots of improvement need to be made here, but you get the bare idea :

    I can't seep at night , but I can hear all your whispers ...

    and another platform since all my soundcloud accounts ( 3 free ones!) are full :


    Let me know if you have problem streaming the track ?


  • Thx chaps !

    The bass is my mighty japanese jazzbass on the SWR rock preset.

    The rest is an Orange THR30 with rotovibe, psych fuzz and some great tape delay and hall verbs . Only the intro had double tracker FX , the rest is natural double. I also used an ebow and a slide .

    Using a single profile with just gain adj. save a lot of time !

    And Yeah I'll optimize the vocals next, but I need to upgrade my vocal talents ^^

  • It never ceases to amaze me at how many different ways you can play a guitar and how many sounds you can get. What's really amazing is that however much/long I would try, I would never sound cool like this.


    Mats N

    Very nice comments Mats, I really appreciate.

    All this was born out of frustration in the 90's , I already had all this tones in my head after 10 years of religious listening to all our masters in the 70's and 80's but no technique and no gear to sound like them.

    Then came the KPA and I could play whatever tone I wanted , the start of a long love story with recording and unleashing creativity.

    I'm now into learning harmony and new instruments but I'm far from being done , I'll try to learn new stuff and experiment.

    About being cool , wow , thx mate , I guess it's a matter of trying whatever you dare , at the price of being ridiculous or to bore people with similar sounding stuff , and also throwing a lot of tracks to the bin. at 50 yo you don't care about being cheesy , lame or fake that's the main benefit of aging :D and of course you don't care about being 'trendy.'