General volume adjustment

  • Looks like you need to adjust the rig volumes o the the individual rigs unfortunately.

    totally agree.

    Adjust rig by rig with the rig volume knob. *And remember to save it everytime.

    I do prefer to have clean and cleani-sh rigs a bit lower than distorted ones.

    About the clean sense control, I use it to balance the differences of the output level between differend gutars ( or pick up types)

    So I ve saved one preset for les pauls, one for tele, one for strato ..and so on.

    Anytime I switch guitar I also switch to its relative input setting preset.

    In this way I keep tonals differences depending by the kind of guitar I'm using, but, more or less, at the same level and I don't have to adjust the Rig as I would in in a "classic" amp situation.

    On the other side I leave the distorted sense always at 0. As far as I remember I ve read somewhere in the manual or here on the forum that it acts like a sort of offset of the gain knob but actually I ve never had the neet to experiment with it, probably because I mostly use les paul with humbuckers with similar output for distorted rigs.

  • I think this shows how confusing clean and distorted sense is.

    I've never understood why it isn't a simple input gain level, hence I never touch it. I don't get the connection with guitars because that still assumes you use one guitar for clean and one for distorted.

    Its been explained to me loads of times but I still don't fully get it ;)

  • I finally got a chance to play around with this tonight with 3 different guitars. Tele style with Sey,our Duncan Vintage Broadcaster pickups, Music Man Luke with EMG and PRS with 57/08 HB. To my ears I would still leave Clean Sens around -5 for everything. Any higher than this and the Cleans seem to overpower the overdriven tones. Lower than this and cleans get a bit lost. I personally don't hear enough difference to want to mess with this on a guitar by guitar basis but that's just me.