• I had a Kemper back about 2-3 years ago and the next big thing was the reverbs, there was massive hype around that release and they turned out to be incredible. Next up was the drives and whilst I was away, the fuzzes. Amazing.

    So now I'm back and enjoying it immensely, I wanted to ask what is in the pipeline? Do we know? Are we speculating on anything in particular? Would love your thoughts.

  • I'd love more options for footswitch programming for the Stage / Remote. Or imagine if there were Snapshots like Helix for an entire performance.

    I also think Kemper could make the new user experience better by creating a whole new collection of Kemper-captured, well organized default rigs so users don't immediately have to the exchange or go buy 3rd party rigs. I know that there are several collections of rigs that come with the Kemper, but they're terribly organized (by author, who are unknown to most new users) and many are quite old.

    I would also love an updated Stage hardware design with a bigger color display and more complex signal chain options. But that of course would require an all new OS and platform.

  • More options on the Double Tracker would be nice. Like adding phase, flange, chorusing, and even quad-tracking option.

    The more you find what Kemper can do then the harder you try to find what it cannot do -- like make a good cup of Frappuccino.

  • Hopefully wireless rig manager for pc and Mac. It shouldn’t be too hard as it can work wirelessly over a network with an iPad. I’m not a programmer though so maybe I’m missing a reason why it wouldn’t work ?‍♂️

  • I'll continue to predict that we will eventually get the ability to morph between 2 rigs or at least amps. It will require no more memory, as all of the rigs in a performance are already in memory so that the switching is near instantaneous.

  • Tube warm up sim..like artificially sounding a little harsh in the first 30 minutes or so and than going "ahh..."

    And let's not forget these very subtle "clicks" & "pings" of heating metal & tube glass of everything in the amp you have in these intimate minutes alone in the rehearsal studio ..just you and the tube rig on stand by warming up while I am changing strings..

    What else?

    Other than that I am fine..oh..a kemper2 would be great at some point in time.

  • The new features could include:

    - the much-anticipated effects overhaul

    - freqout-like feedback generator

    - eq and filters in amp blocks

    - the addition of a second morph ( since there was a consultation thread)

    - syth fx

    - something related to new hardware

    - something totally new we could never possibly imagine!

    I'm exited to see what's in store, but it's anyone's guess when it arrives.