Boxie Sound out of nowhere.

  • I am very new to Kemper and need a little help.

    I set up a perfect sounding performance with amps in all 5 presets. Been working great and for some reason now it sounds like the amps are boxie. I realize this is a very vague description and boxie is a very subjective term so let me try to explain a little deeper. First, I've checked all the settings and have verified there are no stomps on in any of the positions for which I"m describing boxie. I do not have any expression pedals or external effect pedals in the chain.

    My rigs in each of the five presets in Performance 1 used to sound like real amps. More of that organic, tube bloom and feel. And though I still get dynamics from string and pick attack and through the guitar volume knob it just feels and sounds like something is off. Not TOTALLY boxie like a wah was left on but just a subtle sort of boxie dynamic robbing tone change. I am not sure what else to check as I am totally new to Kemper. Can't promise that I didn't make a slight parameter change somewhere along the line, though I haven't gone into any amp settings or anything. If I did accidentally hit a button that could cause this it would be nice to know what I might have done.

    I realize I'm kinda asking for a "tone investigator" here but it is where I'm at and I'd love to keep loving my Kemper.

    Thanks in advance for all your help and suggestions.