Rudolph the Swinging Reindeer

  • I’m English, but have been living in Denmark for over 20 years! Yeah, that’s me in the promo haha! Cheers!

    By the way, I’m guessing you used your own profiles in this from one of the Black Gloop sessions? Sounds lovely

    That’s so cool, but now I’m lego triggered….

  • Thank you for pointing me to this in Per's thread, Mats.

    Seems both Randolph and Rudolph are very-talented. Their potential is being wasted on pulling Santa's Sleigh! :love:

    Hopefully Santa realises this one day and unleashes both of them so they can record an album. 8)

    Ha, ha!

    I don't know what's in store for Randolph and Rudolph, but once upon a time I got an idea to record a CD with some of my tunes and at that time my youngest son, Christoffer, was an avid drummer. When the time came for him to make a senior project at the music school he attended we decided to record that CD with tunes in such varied styles as he could do but still tunes I had written. It was an absolutely wonderful father-son experience to make this record with him. We recorded the drums and mixed the CD at Fenix Recording in Sweden. It's sort of a residential studio so we stayed there for 4 days do record the drums and a full week for the mixing.

    In case you'd like to listen to it, it's called My Other Love and is available at CD Baby, Apple and Spotify. Search for Mats Nermark and you will find it.


    Mats N