Playing over the HIFI system - what do I have to adjust?

  • Hi There :-)

    I am still struggeling to get my Kemper sounding over my HIFI system:

    The following settings & connections are in place:
    1) OUTPUT/Main Output set to Master Stereo

    2) 6.3mm Jack Cabling from the two Kemper Main Outputs to the Line in Inputs (Cinch) of my HIFI system (I have used 6.3mm to Cinch adapter cables)

    Have updated to the latest OS.

    Headphones are working fine, and Power Output to speaker cabinet is working fine also,

    but my stereo stays silent...

    Does anybody have the magic hint??

    Thanks and have a great time!


  • Thanks Hoki Toki!
    Yes it is. I tried all of the inputs: Line 1, Line 2, CD, Phono, Tuner, but none worked.

    Hi Bayou Texan,

    thanks! Yes, it might be an issue of the signal level, which could be too low for the HIFI input.

    Anyway it is not dramatic, because I can play over the power output and speaker cabinets,
    and use the HIFI as a play along.

  • You should be able to get sound the way you have set it up. Can you show a picture of your cables and hifi input perhaps? Have you turned up the master out?

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  • Yes, it might be an issue of the signal level, which could be too low for the HIFI input.

    You don’t need a mixer and the level from the Kemper is pretty hot so it is very unlikely to be too low for your hifi. I would start by testing the cables and adapters which seem the most likely weak link.

  • Have you checked the KPA´s Main Master output volume settings?

    Did you get sound from these Main outputs on another amp with the same

    cable or other cable? Are these cables TS cables? Did you try one at the time?

    ( phase issues ? )

    Cheers !