Rock track

  • I've dug out an old song of mine I wrote when I was 16. I'm no native speaker and with only a bit of school english back then there is no way I'm gonna sing that rubbish today ;) So it's just the backing track with the last bridge, chorus and solo currently - until I write new lyrics and cut the vocals.

    All guitars are my Les Paul over a Kemper and even the sampled bass went reamped through Pete Turley's Marshall. I wanted a Green Day vibe in the chorus and took the Golub-Marshall profile with the S. Mehl Greenback cab. I found out later that Billy Joe Armstrong is actually using a Golub-modded Marshall as well ;-) For the bridge I wanted a Brian May feel (obviously) and went with one of And44's AC30's. The solo is again one of Pete Turleys '72 Marshall profiles again with a Greenback cab.

  • I like it. :thumbup:

    No way I'd remember the stuff I wrote at 16 (that was 45 years ago). ^^

    It's only 28 years ago for me but that was a song I did with my first band back then and I kept the lead sheet I wrote with an ancient typewriter. We played it enough for me to still remember the song. And I do remember even how our keyboarder came up with the idea of playing the bridge in halftime.

    It was more of a Stones tune back then though, I remember I played a Keef-impersonation on a 5-string guitar in open G. I even remember the part and tried it out on the recent demo but it just wouldn't work together with those Green Day guitars ;)