Using an FCB1010 along with the Mission Expression pedal

  • I'm sure the answer is yes you can , but there's gotta be some snags to be aware of and I wonder what those are.

    My understanding is that with the Mission Expression pedal I can do what I'm used to with my Budda pedal i.e. switch from volume to wah, but also it would allow me to turn on/off one stomp. Therefore, it would make sense that I would use the two pedals on the FCB1010 for something else, such as for example morph and pitch bend.

    I already own an Fcb1010 but I'm about to purchase the Mission expression pedal but want to make sure that what I outline above is possible.

    thanks for the feedback.


  • thanks Alan,

    I have had the Kemper now for about 3 years now but I only use it from in my home studio where I rely on Rig Manager to grab the right patch I need for whatever I may be recording.

    I get that the FCB1010 drives via cc and that the Mission uses those two dedicated jacks on the Kemper but I guess what I failed to mention is there's one little complication i.e. that I just purchased the uno4Kemper eprom for the FCB1010 which maintains a bi-directional sync to the Kemper.

    Point being, if I setup a patch on the Kemper where I have where I have a e.g. pitch bend, morphs of something, on two of the stomp/effect slots respectively , will those line up with the FCB1010/uno4Kemper pedals ? and then can I at the same time use the Mission EP to control volume/wah ?

    Now that I re-read the above its starting to sound like a question for the Uno folks but maybe you can add your 2 cents again for which I would be very grateful.