Low Cut and High Cut in Stack by exchange in Eq.

  • We may not have understood why I would like to assign the Low Cut and High Cut functions separately for each rig. I don't need it for Monitor, but for Main output. Therefore, I would like this function in STOMP (in CABINET) for each rig. The electric guitar usually plays up to 6 to 6.5kHz, but the electroacoustic needs at least 10kHz. Therefore, I would need this feature for live concerts, because I use both types of guitars.

    I find it silly just to block one effects path by assigning an equlizer.
    Please consider it. I believe that a lot of users will appreciate it. Just because they don't write here doesn't mean they're not interested. Whoever I talked to about it would be happy for this opportunity, but they don't want to write it here.
    Thank you.

  • Nobody wants to support me? I believe this can be a great benefit to the setup.

    i already talk about it a lot of time lol.

    I too want to have a studio eq available in the cab block.

    I also want to have an eq and an input gain in the input block.

    Tons of great effects and stomps in the kemper but not enough block to use them sometimes.

  • rastry

    Changed the title of the thread from “Low Cut and High Cut” to “Low Cut and High Cut in Stack by exchange in Eq.”.
  • I'm just trying. Still not interested in updating this feature? Put this option instead of the inactive EQ button. I really think the ability to set Low Cut and High Cut for rigs separately would be very useful. We unnecessarily waste the inclusion of studio eq. in Effects with the option to add another effect. Of course, I would leave Low and Hihg Cut central as well, but in EQ it would take precedence over central. Please consider it.