4 cable method: Will that work with the Kemper as effects unit?

  • Is there a way to use:

    • the pre-stack section Kemper effects as input of a real amp and:
    • use the post-stack section effects in the effects loop of the real amp?

    The amp signal would be going to a cab or 2notes Captor. Does anyone have experience with this setup? Will this work and not break anything?

    Don't ask the obvious 'why' question please. YES I know I'd miss the point of a Kemper ;). Rest assured I am using it a lot in the intended fashion.

  • there are actually several threads about this on the forum already.

    no I haven’t done it personally. As you mentioned in your original post its “missing the point” of the kemper ?

    however, here is how I would do it.


    GTR > KPA Input / KPA Direct Out (Send) > amp input / amp fx send > KPA return / KPA Monitor Output > amp fx loop return.

    Output menu settings;

    Monitor Output = Master Mono

    Monitor Cab Off = ticked


    Us the FX Loop effect type in one of the Stomp or FX blocks depending on what you want to achieve. As you will be running in mono you efficiently have upto 7 stomps or 7 fx for the moll. Or any split in between (the fxloop effect type will take up one of the available slots)

    If you don’t want to use the KPA stack section (ie just the valve amp as a regular amp and KPA for stomps/fx) place the FX Loop after the final Stomp you want to be in front of the valve amp’s preamp. When you turn on the FX loop in the KPA the signal will be diverted to the amp input then returned to the same KPA block by the amp’s fx loop send. As you don’t want two amps you would just turn off the KPA Stack section for that rig.

    If you want to use the KPA as the amp leave the Stack turned on the FXLoop slot turned off.

    I think that should do what you want.

  • i was thinking about this but are the effects in the kemper that good?

    That's kind of subjective and relative, but I guess the highest rated real world pedals are far superior. That's not what I'm doing it for; I do not use pedals right now and I am quite space-constrained so I'd rather use the other tools I have. Side note: I am in a wheelchair because of a spinal cord injury, so there's no use case for foot switching for me anyway.