Been years since I’ve been here… need some help

  • Hey all! Been years as I said in the title.

    Anyway, I’ve got a few amp builders I’ll be working with on profiles, and a good friend offered to let me use his Kemper.

    Am I correct in assuming the author name on the profiles would be his name? Any way to change it? Would I have to have him let me register it under my name?

  • You don't need to register,
    Simple change the owner name in the system setup.

    Press the SYSTEM button to access the global settings pages.
    Use the <PAGE> buttons to navigate through the various pages.
    Global settings do not change when you switch to another Rig.

    Users of the PROFILER Stage can access pages related to pedal and external switch configurations via the PEDALS button.

    LCD / HW Setup / Brightness / User Interface

    On the LCD / HW Setup page you can control the settings for the display and adjust the “Line Frequency” parameter.

    Press the soft button labeled “Startup Dialog” to enter the menu where you can enter your name and set current time and date.
    Whenever you create your own PROFILEs, the “Rig Author” tag will default to the Owner Name.
    The “Startup Dialog” appears automatically when the PROFILER is started for the first time.

    Using the soft button labeled “Edit Owner” you can edit the Owner Name and assign a Device Name to your PROFILER.
    Assigning unique Device Names is useful if you intend to connect and manage multiple PROFILER units with the Rig Manager application.

  • hey thanks! Glad you’re still digging them! Forgot I even made them! Did you ever try the Splawn ones I made?

    Yes, they are nice too! But the AC15's working best for me. I really dig them with my darker sounding Les Paul.

    So, thank you very much for making them and putting them on RE!

    so I said “f*ck it” and grabbed this guy. Seller accepted a bit of a lower offer so couldn’t say no!

    Awesome! :thumbup: