Mysterious Crackling

  • Hi all,

    So this weird issue happens, audio sample below:

    I’m trying to make a direct profile, amp is hooked up to the Torpedo Reload. Here’s the weird part: When I take the Loadbox output and put it into the Kemper Return input I get this horrible weird crackling mainly when palm muting(Not the speaker out of the Torpedo obviously, don’t wanna blow stuff up haha).

    However, when I connect the loadbox output to my interface, route it to a line out and put that into the return: everything is fine (however I’m trying to prevent this extra step of AD/DA conversion.

    Any help is welcome :)!…KEMPER%20CRACKLE.mp3?dl=0

  • That's not a ground loop.

    What level are you sending form the reload? Sounds like you might be clipping the Kemper input.

    It has been a long while since I used my reload. It is currently at the back of a shipping container and I'm not about to empty it get access and test it unfortunately.

    I felt like te same, regarding clipping the input. However I get the same when pressing the -12 (15?) db switch on the front of the Reload and get the same thing.

    weird thing though: Pressing the ground switch reduces the clipping sound a tiny bit.

  • I once had a pretty similar (sounding) problem when doing direct amp profiles (but here with a simple loadbox+di without cab). I only remember that it had to do with ground loops / current flowing... and with everything disconnected what was not used and all the Profilers ground lifts pushed it worked. Only had it with that amp, owner could not find any issues later...

    But that won't help here I guess.