Is there a way to export a cabinet component of a profile from RM as an IR file?

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    Changed the title of the thread from “Is there a way to export a cabinet component of a profile as an IR file?” to “Is there a way to export a cabinet component of a profile from RM as an IR file?”.
  • Yes, it's possible.

    But it's a little complicated.

    First you need a Daw ,a interface with more than 4 outputs.

    Next you need to creat a white noize , then cut it into one sample clip.

    3rd, let the sample clip pass through your kemper with only CABINET on, and record it.

    You will get a new Impluse Response wav data when record is done.

    It's very similar to record Cabinet IRs whith Real Amps and Mirophones.

    The difference is , you dont need a mirophone or a preamp,you just use your Kemper.

    Here are some Vedios about recording IRs, which show how to creat White Noize and how to Cut them in to a clip:

  • I made some simple IRs using Goldwave and my USB audio device (Behringer UMC404HD). Kind of a hack but you will get something.

    (1) Use the attached WAV file or make an impulse in Goldwave. Basically a square wave that is 1 sample long.

    - Make a new mono sound

    - Zoom all the way in and manually drag the sample to its peak value.

    - Save the file in WAV format so it is uncompressed.

    (2) Open the WAV file in a player (media player etc). Best if it loops so you can catch mutiple IR samples.

    (3) Route the Audio Interface output to the input of the Kemper.

    (4) Route the Kempers output back to the audio device input.

    (5) Load the profile you wish to get the IR of. Turn off everything except the CAB.

    (6) Make a new mono sound file.

    (7) Press RECORD in Goldwave.

    (8) Press PLAY in Media Player.

    MP should be looping and you should here a series of TICK noises if you are monitoring the sound.

    Done. Trim out the IR sample clip and save it. Usually best if around 250mS to 750mS.

    You can use whatever sound editing program you like. For PC I always use Goldwave and its free to test out. Now that you have the IR you can also edit it and apply EQ to punch it up if you want.

    I have not tried this with the Kemper yet. I did it with a few cabs I have and a clean amplifier.

    The WAV impulse I created:

    The Goldwave frequency spectrum graphs:

  • Thanks to everyone. I read earlier the "complicated" methods, I just hoped that in 2022 maybe there is a simple solution for that in RM/Kemper. 8)

    Without advertising other vendors there are plugins today that use 1-2 mouse clicks for IR export but these cannot be linked to kemper profiles.