How can I turn a 2nd effect on and off?

  • Hey guys,

    I have an issue with turning effects on and off in my Kemper Stage. I have two effects (Chorus and Delay) that are both showing a III on top.

    I connected the delay with the stomp button and can now switch the effect on and off using the foot switch. But I can't figure out how to

    switch off the second effect (the Chorus) or how to also connect this to the foot switch. Does anyone of you have clue how to do this?

    Thanks so much in advance for letting me know. ;)


  • Hey Kellerblues and BayouTexan,

    I did keep the chorus button pressed while pressing the foot switch. Now the LED on the right of the foot switch is lit up (see photo) and I can now switch on either the Chorus or the Delay. But I can't switch either of them off. Do you know how I could do that?

    Cheers, Tikemp

  • don’t think of the footswitch as turning FX On/Off. Think of them as toggling state. I.e. if something is currently off it will toggle to on, if something is currently on it will toggle to off.

    Now link whatever FX you want to toggle to the footswitch. Then select the default state for each FX. Say you have 3 fx linked and you want to toggle between 1 on with 2 and 3 off to 1 off with 2 and 3 on. Switch the buttons on the KPA itself to reflect one of these states (the one you want to be the base state when a rig is loaded) and save the Rig. Now the the footswitch will toggle between 1 on 2and 3 off vs 1 off 2 and 3 on.

  • That statement isn't true.

    Hm, the point I described: when you have 2 or more effects assigned to a button, then either all are in the state ON or OFF pressing the foot switch. OR one is ONE, the others OFF. So there is always a binary logic ON / OFF, but not a possibility to select 1) ALL OFF, 2) first ON, 3)BOTH ON, 4) second ON and first OFF.
    If that's not true, please tell me how can I get this.

  • Sounds like more than two (four) "scenes" in a circular fashion - that isn't possible.

    You would need two buttons, one button toggling for example effect module A and the other button toggling effect module B.

    Or you switch through four complete Rigs with those stored on/off states.

    Or a combination of those approaches: two Rigs, one having module A on and the button toggles module B, the other with Module B on and the same button toggles module A.

    I guess, such an approach with a pile of circular scenes would be in conflict with todays easy way assigning and unassigning functions to effect buttons.