Since the Kemper drive is fantastic, how about a Kemper distortion?

  • The differences between the TS and the OD are absolutely neglectable , while the TS9 and TS10 have modified resistors on the output, resulting in a slightly emphasized high end.

    The Maxon is not basically a TS10.

    Do you have different sources of information?

    Quoted by the great mr. Kemper, that already made my day, thanks!

    My source is Analogman: (section on modding the OD808)

    I actually had a lengthy email conversation with them when I first read their statement of the OD808 having the same circuit as the TS10. They confirmed it numerous times. I though the source was legit.

  • I’m no TS guru but I always thought the OD808 was just a reissue of the original 808 which Maxxon designed and built for Ibanez.

    You can never believe marketing but Maxxon’s web site says

    Quote from

    It should be noted that the Reissue Series OD808 uses different output resistors than the original version. Vintage TS808’s are susceptible to microphonic noise due to static electricity buildup on the chassis. To improve performance, the positions of the output resistors on the reissue OD808 were reversed and their values increased in order to reduce noise levels. This circuit change has no audible affect on the sound of the unit, save for reducing the noise levels.

  • I’m no TS guru but I always thought the OD808 was just a reissue of the original 808 which Maxxon designed and built for Ibanez.

    You can never believe marketing but Maxxon’s web site says

    I thought that this was the case as well however there's a discrepancy in the naming. Several people (including Analogman) have dissected the OD808 and have found it to be more similar to the TS10 than to the 808 or other Tubescreamers. It even appears that any differences between the OD808 and the TS10 are negligible.

  • And I have assured you in the past that you don't ;)

    Just as a reminder (and for those who haven't watched):

    You have sucessfully proven that the Klon Centaur blends over from an Overdrive to a fantasic transparent (pure) booster at low to zero gain settings, no distortion produced.

    In combination with the internal conversion to 18 volts supply power it exceeds many analog devices on the market. The tone control still delivers shelving equalizer characteristics in this mode.

    The Profiler goes beyond that. You can use any of our equalizer types in front of your amp, shape the sound with much more than just one tone control and boost into the amp with up to 24 dB.

    In this thread however, it is about Overdrives in their distorting range and their tonal habits.

    I can dig more into details if requested.

  • The OD808 uses an operational amplifier, as the TS10, while the TS808 uses a transistor. This is probably what AnalogMan refers to.

    Sonically, it doesn't make a difference.

    While both the TS808 and OD808 feature roughly the same output resistors, the TS10 (and TS9) output resistors differs significantly.

    That makes the difference.

    The AnalogMan page is more designed like a wine tasting. It doesn't go deeper into technical details, which is fine.

    Ask AnalogMan if the circuit is the same, but the resistor values are different.

    There is another source going more detailed into techical and tonal differences:

    We did listening tests and it would not be honest to state that we heard a difference between the TS808 and OD808. We did not.

    The TS9 and TS10 are slightly brighter, but this can be achieved by increasing the tone control by a few degrees.

  • Getting back to the actual distortion idea, what about a distortion pedal/"preamp style" that encapsulates and heavy feature set with clipping options, voice options, and tight, gate, boost options?

    I know there is many types as discussed before so a generic one to rule them all isn't really viable but make a choice like the speaker imprints and have a wide variety of base types with all the other typical features to follow it?

    Drive, bass, middle, treble,

    Volume, clipping/voice type, gate, tight

    Boost, mix, and I dunno, crossover? Compression?