SVX Pop Bass profile in the rig exchange. My first!

  • I wanted to see if I could get the warm round kind of sound I've been getting with Amplitube from the Kemper, and I think I got it. Check it out and if you have the time I'd like to hear your feedback. I got this sound with my old early 90s Steinberger Q bass and Amplitube 3 Free using the SVX bundle. (Virtual Ampeg Bass Amps)

  • No offence but I think this is partly due to people wanting a real Ampeg and not a profile of a vst plugin.

    Sure, I understand that. I feel that way as well, though if you look at the Rig Exchange there are I think 3 up now. They're OK but I had to do a fair amount of tweaking to get them sounding like I like it. Anyway, I happen to really like Amplitube quite a lot and while you might say, "Well then just use it" I find it more convenient to have my bass and guitar amp solutions in a single place. The Kemper's effects are better and I actually think I was able to get an improved bass amp sound on the Kemper. You should check them out of you're a bass player, I think it came out pretty good. I did a few more but I haven't had the chance to post them yet.

    My next project might be to try to track down bass amps I can borrow or rent to profile.