Running Kemper into a Tube Power Amp

  • I was curious what other Kemper users, with unpowered units, set their line out/monitor out level to, when going into a tube power amp . I’ve experimented running the Kemper output higher, like -13 db and adjusting the level on the power amp, but recently experimented with running the power amp wide open at noon and adjusting the Kemper level to the desired volume. Both sound good but I think the latter is my current preference. What do you guys do?

  • I'm using a fryette ps2 with my toaster and a 4x12 cab. I know getting those tubes cooking helps with the sound for sure. I've been normally running it -13db and I end up cranking it up about 9-10 to compete with a mesa rectifier 1/2 stack. I'll try it out next practice.

  • Nice rigs, guys. I used to run my Kemper into the FX return of a 5150, which tapped the power section wide open without control of power amp volume, so I was limited to just controlling output volume on the Kemper and that was around -32 to -29 Db for gig volume. But I recently got a Synergy SYN 50 50 and run the Kemper at -13 and adjust level on PA, usually at 11 o’clock in the bridged mono mode. Interesting power amp, only a single unit rack space and is 100 watts 6L6 power.