So, I bought a Quad Cortex

  • I have both. Like the sound of both but I use the Kemper more often. I just have some profiles (Tone Junkie, M Britt and TAF) that just work for me.

    QC has nice usability but is lacking in substance (editor, models, effects, plugins). So - at least for me - QC is more of a promise while Kemper is already there.

  • I luv my TJ and RM profiles,,still use the Morgan AC,,,

    as far as the sound of the units go,,maybe someone smarter then me can chime im in, but as far as I have read/ heard, these units dont have a "sound" of their own, maybe im wrong, I think the more power/speed it has, the closer it can reproduce what its given/or samples,,,,Its a profile player,,that can can altered it after its loaded,,,,, I would love to know, not that it matters,prob not that simple,,( but I am)

    I've been a kemper guy for over 10 years ,as well as all the others,,I have my kemper set up, in the quad,now,,I worked years to get it to sound and work the way I like,, I Use what I use now because I'm old,and my back is shot,,I'm mostly blind, cant read the kemper window, under stage light condions, or dark studio, without huge reading glass's, and it fits in a backpack carry on, had nothing to do with sound,but thats just for me,,kemper now has a home in the studio, and the others travel,,Love me a can dream cant he???