UA Golden Reverberotor or not ?

  • I have been useing my Kemper for quite a few years now, but I seem to be getting drawn back to the world of pedals, ( I sold all mine to help me buy the kemper back in 2015). I’m really trying to recreate classic sounds and one that I interested in is the spring reverb,.. Is it just me ? but I can’t seem to get it to sound how I want out of the kemper. Then I watched a few videos with the UA Golden Reverberotor … wow I was blown away , before I knew it I ordered one … and not just the spring. The whole thing seemed to have a lushness that I was missing … It hasn’t arrived yet, but I find myself wondering if adding this pedal will really improve my reverbs .. I love pedals and want to make them part of my guitar experience again ! I am hoping a small pedal board will live with my kemper in a positive way…. So far I my pedals are a Eventide H9, DanElectro Roebuck, and the UA Golden Reverberotor.. Have I lost my mind?/

  • I think you are suffering from "same tone" boredom like me. I get tired of tweaking the same effects and find I want to try new stuff for inspiration. Doing that "new stuff" with amps is very expensive so the Kemper is a life saver in that aspect, but I get bored with the built-in effects and always want --more! It's like you are searching forever for that special little effect that says "I've hit nirvana"!

    I have a new TCE tri-chorus pedal on order hoping for nirvana.

    The more you find what Kemper can do then the harder you try to find what it cannot do -- like make a good cup of Frappuccino.

  • I guess we should just enjoy whatever floats our boat. I miss pedals so I am going to enjoy adding them. Besides I might need a backup someday. Pedals are just fun. But if you don’t need or care about adding them then be happy with that too The Kemper is great and you grab it and go without pedals and that a good thing. And owning a few great pedals is a good thing too.

  • It's a slippery slope! It's nice to have good gear, and to find interesting sounds with it. It's also nice to have physical controls immediately available (to use and see) for all parameters of a particular effect.

    By the way, don't hesitate to share any Kemper reverb presets you come up with that get close to the sounds of the Golden Reverberator. I've been thinking of getting one myself, although I'm in more of a delay mood these days.

  • About this particular product, I don't quite see the appeal of an expensive box like this that's stuck on one sound at a time, which I'm sure I can recreate with either the Kemper reverbs, an H9, a Strymon box (or even a cheaper one - I've been happy using a cheap CKK Space Station lately). Live, you won't be able to feel the difference your $500 reverb makes in a mix. For recording, I'd take those those Valhalla plugins over any reverb pedal. Personally, things like inspiration, time or opportunity are the real factors to be prioritized over redundant gear acquisition.

  • What peak my interest in this pedal is the recreation of the fender reverbs that UA created . It’s great to get classic amp profiles and I really love the old vintage fender amps but I want the real reverbs that go with them . .. Sure maybe no one else may notice.. and yeah it cost 400 bucks … but I bought it for me to enjoy. I pretty much just sit home and play guitar so it won’t get lost in my mix .. The last band I work with was a 60’s Motown band, and I think a great spring reverb would have been a good thing in that group.. (I really liked that band we did stuff like Backstabbers and How Long, My Girl ). Guess I’m getting old … I’ll A/B the Golden with the Kemper reverb and see if it wows me and let you know …..

  • Hey Mattes. Thanks for turning me on to this Uncle Larry dude … I really like his Channel , he is so real …I’ll be watching those …I’m also a big Tim Pierce fan, I watch all his stuff …. So I’ll be trying to find the video with that reverb unit, but I won’t be buying one……I’m still waiting on my Reverberator,…. I’ll be checking it out this weekend ….

  • I’ve been checking out the UA golden reverberator this weekend. I have decided I’m happy with it . It has a rich gorgeous sound, The Kemper sounds great comparable it to the Hall sound ..and the Kemper has more unique reverb sounds .. I tried using them together and with a spring on the UA and a long reverb on the Kemper really nice ! But the UA has me hooked now. The plate reverb is sweet and the spring is totally great…It seems to have this organic sound that just naturally fits…..My last test was on a acoustic Martin into the Kemper with the golden… Omg.. I couldn’t set it down…. I haven’t tried other reverb pedal so there might be other just as good..But I’m happy with my purchase, and it gave me exactly what I was looking for.

  • I bought the UA pedal too, for when I use my amp and pedalboard. It's a great unit. I've been searching for a decent spring in pedal format for years, and I've been through Catalinbread Topanga (returned it, though it was nice), Strymon Flint (nice, but not enough boing/drip, kept it mainly for the tremolo), Anasounds Element with a spring tank used in the Fender reverbs screwed to the bottom of the board (noise floor way too high) plus demoed many others in my local pedal pusher's store that weren't worth me taking home (Carl Martin Headroom, Source Audio True Spring, Wampler Faux Spring, J Rockett Boing, Subdecay Spring Theory, Mad Professor Silver Spring). The UA has something that definitely feels more authentic than any of the other digital offerings, though I can dial the Kemper Spring in to be totally happy with it at a gig :-)