Double track sounds bad in Monitor, but OK FOH (stereo issue)

  • Hi All!

    I love the double-track feature on the Kemper and I want to use it live.

    However I'm having a problem getting a good sound through the monitor (Kone driven by PowerRack Monitor output).

    I'm sending stereo (Main out) to FOH and that's sounding great with double-track on

    But I'm using the monitor output (PowerRack + Kemper Kone) for my personal monitoring of what I'm playing, and that is all phasey.

    I guess it's because the Double-Track is being squished into the Mono Monitor channel and it makes it sound bad.

    Any suggestions for how I can use this setup and get a good-sounding Monitor - a good sounding mono blend of the double-track effect for the monitor channel / Kone?