Kone power cab live as monitor with kone enabled

  • Hi, I borrowed the kemper power cabinet from a friend, to use as monitor at a gig.

    For the gig, I don't want the kone to be activated, I just want to sound as close as it sounds

    at FOH, so I want to use the cab as normal frfr without kone.

    Is there anything else I should consider except of switching of the kone-function?

    Or is there maybe anything that could make problems?

    Thanks very much

  • From the manual...

    KEMPER Kone

    The KEMPER Kone is fully controlled by the software of your PROFILER. Please activate its “intelligence”, navigate to the “KEMPER Kone” page in the Output Section and press the soft button labeled “KEMPER Kone”.

    You will find three familiar parameters that we have mirrored on the KEMPER Kone page for your convenience: Monitor Volume, Monitor Stereo and Monitor Cab Off. When Monitor Cab Off is not highlighted, the KEMPER Kone works in full-range mode.