We could profile overdrive pedals and use in the Kemper as presets!!

  • I just had a crazy thought!

    Basically, with the Kemper's ability to learn and imitate gain and tone structures, we can plug it into an overdrive or distortion pedal and make a profile of the pedal.

    The thing is, it would save it as a rig (amp) preset, and we don't want that... BUT!

    What if we had the option to convert a KIRG file (amp section) into a KPRESET file (an effect preset), and have a preset loader in the Kemper?

    We would be able to profile our favorite overdrive pedal's snapshots and use them in the slots section and have them as effect pedals on our Kemper:!:

    I think this would be absolutely an amazing improvement to the Kemper, and it doesn't sound like a very difficult thing to add (not that I have any idea lol)

    would love to hear what you guys think, and if any Kemper decision maker reads this please consider to add this it would be great!;)

  • YoavHanuka

    Changed the title of the thread from “We could profile overdrive pedals and use in the Kemper as drive!!” to “We could profile overdrive pedals and use in the Kemper as presets!!”.
  • I suspect the problem here is that you are talking about 2 very different things....1 is a full blown profile, another is "just" a collection of settings.

    This would require that the "pedal" could cover all parameters that is captured in a profile of a pedal and I guess this is where the problem is. Plus also, of course its just a snapshot so would only be like the pedal in that setting. Arguably amps are more generic ( bass, Mid, Treble, gain) whereas pedals tend to have different variables.

    However, interesting concept.....would love to hear Kempers view :)

  • I have played around a bit with profiling some pedals as direct profiles. I have had varying results. You have to run them loud or they tend to be kind of dark. I liked the sound of some of them through a PA speaker but didn't like them at all through my DAW. It would be interesting to be able to do them as an actual pedal and use it with a profile. That would allow me to profile my pedals on my pedal board and run them with the profile of my amp.

  • YoavHanuka

    this comes up every now and then - basically you need two PROFILERs to do this:

    One uses the PROFILE of the stomp box, the other a PROFILE of an amp.

    Hi Don,

    I took this as a slightly different approach than the "profile a pedal" requests previously.

    To analyze the pedal and using the existing Kemper drive to emulate the pedal, not a profile. I guess its closer to tone matching than profiling.

    The net result/process might be the same as profiling ( as no one on here really knows how that works) and therefore result in the same issue of not being able to run 2 profiles at the same time.

  • With the Kemper Drive & Kemper Fuzz, two very versatile pedals were added that are capable of emulating a wide range of stompboxes.

    The pedals have however to be dialed in by the user, preferrably by ear.


    Almost all the so-called 'tonematching' attempts I heard in the last decade sounded like blind faith in the match eq, often over-emphasizing certain parts of the spectrum because the resolution of the EQ was turned to max and the match or mix setting turned all the way up. This is what I mean with blind faith. If you do this process using your ears instead it'll quicky become apparent, that a lower resolution (softer Qs) and a mix less then 100% wet will yield superior results.

    don't blindly trust match EQ or rely too heavily on oscilloscopes - use your ears first and foremost ;)
    With these tools and the already mentioned Kemper Drive & Fuzz you can already go very, very far.

  • I'm not familar with these, but it sounds like they were presets for the Muffin stomp that somebody dialed in to sound close to their Big Muff

    I know there was/is a company that sells packs of pedal profiles but they are actually the pedal into a clean amp rather than just the straight pedal.

  • Yeah 100%.... maybe another setting than clean/distortion but pedal and like you said could be put into one of the distortion slots.

    Not sure how much processing power would be needed though.

    I still can't get over how awesome this device is :)

  • I just stick my OD pedal (Revival Drive Compact) and tone enhancer (J. Rockett A.P.E) before the Kemper or in a loop. Heck I've even been to Andertons to get the makings of a new snake today to connect my mini board to my Stage.

    Life is too short to wait for new stuff and if we already have favourite tools why not just get on with them.