Long-term Kemper owner...bought a Quad Cortex...my thoughts

  • Yes much the same. I was a pretty early adopter and for me, I found very few of the tones worked, for me and it was seriously lacking in effects and features

    I tried the capture feature and found no life in the capture. And even though the Kemper , is not perfect, it just feels and sounds more real to me

  • Same here, early tester, what turned me off, was that QC could not do all I expected it to do that was a given on the kemper (specially with capture function being so simple and undercooked to my view) and the models were not any better than helix (which I use with a HX stomp when traveling light).

    Dealbreaker: I heard always a considerable high frequency content that was never there in the amp on the first place after capturing. It does sound more "HiFi´sh" but resulted on me perceiving the QC as a cold analitic hifi headphone. Not my cup of tea. Bass was tighter than kemper in most cases tough.