private forum & Rig Manager troubles

  • If any of this software worked as it should!

    I'm a "registered owner" user who can't post in the private forums? I've tried everything I can think of - logging out; closing browser, etc.... still I can't post in the "real" forums?

    Even more is this Rig Manager software. It might be the lowest quality software I've used in YEARS! It's unacceptable that I can't simply move performances around in Rig Manager, and have them "renumber" correctly. It used to almost work, now - it doesn't work at all. Moving a performance keeps its slot number, and changes position. Which is pretty much useless. If it doesn't move performance slot 11 into slot 2, then what the f is it supposed to be doing?

    This should be a pretty simple use case, Kemper:

    1) I want to create all my performances for a variety of songs.

    2) I want to store those in Rig Manager folders in a particular order (which I'll call "set order").

    3) I want to grab that "set" of performances from my local library, and drag it onto my kemper, and have it load them correctly (in set order).

    4) If I then move one of those performances from, say, slot 22, to slot 5, then the current performance in slot 22 becomes the performance in slot 5, what was in slot 5, should now be in slot 6, what was in 6 is now in 7, down to slot 22, which now has what was in slot 21; all slots beyond 22 remain unchanged.

    5) It should do this and make the change immediately in Rig Manager, and immediately in the kemper device. I don't want to Confirm each change, or "Store performance".

    6) When I'm done making all the changes to my "set order", I want to then drag all performances from my kemper to my local library (new folder).

    7) Honestly, those local library folders should just be called "Shows". They should store the performances in set order. AND they should allow me to make changes to the order of the performances in the "Show" (e.g. in the local library, separate from the kemper).

    8) Lastly, all of these Shows should be stored in my "Cloud Library" (not local); and then accessible to load from my IOS device. So that, for example, when the band calls an audible to play a song not planned to be in the set, I don't have to freak out and worry about whether i have an appropriate performance available. I can just pull out my iPhone, select the performance I need from my "Cloud Library", and load it into the next "unused" performance slot.


    Very annoyed and frustrated user.

  • It would also be amazing if you wrote this as a request rather than a rant.

    Whilst there are few people who do use 1 performance per song/multiple performances per set, I suspect this is not how it was envisaged and how the majority of users use it. Hence why its not a bug, its just not been designed for that purpose.

    There are pro's and cons for cloud use, personally I don't want my stuff in the cloud, I prefer it locally for many reasons.

    Your use case is predicated on the limited approach you have for performance. My band can call out any song and I have the sounds there between 2 performances.

    So, my point is, yes it might not suit your use case, but don't state it like its a design flaw or bug.

    Not sure why you can't access the private forum, its pretty straight forward and nothing to do with RM. Perhaps describe the steps you have tried and maybe someone can help.

  • Great first post! You should get some great replies when you start out with a tone like that. My recommendation is to delete your post and wait until you are over the emotions and then post again asking for assistance and information without the tone.

  • I hope your issues get resolved - but this isn’t the Gearpage where barging in and complaining is a thing.

    Clickbait and Rant will get you absolutely nowhere.

    Why would anyone (including Kemper) come on here and want to engage with…*this* sort of nonsense?

    “Without music, life would be a mistake.” - Friedrich Nietzsche

  • Sounds like I'm on the kvr forum. Where users go mad if a certain plugin hasn't been updated inte the last 3 months and when a update comes they still complain and are never satisfied. Or say the word ilok and they go bananas. Not a place for me. Here it is differently.

    Think for yourself, or others will think for you wihout thinking of you

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