• We have elevated 8.7.3 to release level! It fixed a couple of issues compared to the earlier release 8.7.1.

    Rig Manager 3.2.70 for Windows(R)/macOS(R) and Rig Manager 1.2.0 for iOS(R) required!

    All PROFILER Stage units can generally be upgraded in one step.

    All other PROFILER models running OS 7.3 and higher can be upgraded in one step, too. Check the OS version currently installed on the last page of System Settings.

    PROFILER Head, Rack, PowerHead and PowerRack models running OS versions before 7.3 need to be upgraded in two steps. First install OS 7.3, then upgrade to OS 8.5. If you need to do this, you can find OS 7.3 on the download page under “Older Software Versions”.


    fixed: S/PDIF Volume disfunctional since 8.7.1

    User Interface

    fixed: last backup doesn't show up in restore list since 8.7.1