Should QSC K8.2 be set to Instr(Hi-Z) or Line w/KPA

  • I'm realizing some things I've been doing wrong with the KPA for years.

    I've been using a speaker cable, (not guitar cable) from KPA "Monitor Out" to QSC K8.2.

    I've also been using the QSC K8.2 set to "Instrument"(Hi-Z), which I now believe is wrong, correct?
    I'm using an unpowered KPA toaster.

    Instrument (Hi-Z) is only used if plugging a guitar direct, or at least w/out a "Line level" device between them, correct?

    Thanx for any help!

  • the Profiler sends line-level signals at the main and monitor outputs. Hi-Z is wrong.

    You can use a regular TS guitar cable to send the signal from the monitor output to any external device. A speaker cable is only needed for the speaker output of a powered Profiler.