• I was prompted for another RM update today and it installed (Windows). The previous update was in April for 3.2.72.

    There don't seem to be any notes on what might have been changed or fixed. The What's New doc is just a copy from previous updates. Kemper support - any chance for some info on what may have changed?

  • RM is typically updated prior to a new round of betas or just to fix any bugs that have cropped up. So since 8.7.3 has upgraded to release, we might be seeing another round of 8.7 or 8.8 betas or even (gasp) some pre-release versions of OS 9 - NAMM is just a couple of weeks away so ya never know.

  • If you read the Update Window that pops up in RM prior to the update, you will see the notes as to what changes have been made. If you were on a Beta version previously then the update could just be the Public Release version of the Beta, and carries over the same fixes of the Beta.

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  • Yeah, I'm familiar with the Update Window messages. What I'm talking about is the text they include. Like "...contains dozens of bug fixes...", but with no indication of what those bugs might be. It would be nice to be able to verify that what they've fixed now really works.

    I've used RM since it came out and I just find ways to work around things that don't work normally for me. But I really don't want to go through every step when a new version comes out just to see if what might have changed. Guess I don't see why it would be a problem describing the "dozens" of things fixed in the notes.

  • Why is it then that when I open my copy of RM 3.7.72 on MacOS it says it is current, AND, on the Support downloads page both Mac and Windows show 3.7.72??

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