What do you guys consider to be "clean" profiles?

  • What do you guys consider to be "clean" profiles? It seems to me only profiles that are on the lowest (1) gain setting seem to be clean... and edge of breakup is 2 0r maybe 3. Is that how it works for you? Also, why might some profiles that show gain at 3... sound cleaner than some at 2? Not sure how that work. Maybe when using pedals when profiling? Thanks

  • It depends on the amp, for me it's just a perception in tone, I don't rely on the gain setting.

    For super cleans I'll use jazz chorus profiles, or bass amp , or even deactivate the amp module.

  • Like Renaud, I don’t pay too much attention to the gain number. A lot depends on the frequency content etc, what type of guitar/pickups you use, how light or hard you pick etc. There is also the issue of what you personally call “clean”. MBritt seems to view rigs that are well past edge of breakup as clean. In isolation they are definitely dirty but in context can sound clean(ish). Tim Pierce did an excellent video a while back about what registers as clean in context.

    In addition to this I tend to almost never use a pure clean sounding rig even for a pure clean sound. I tend to use something edge of break up or slightly crunchy and roll the guitar volume back a little.

  • My interp is Clean is when there is no crunch when digging in the strings and can be any profile including a Plexi or a 5150. My favorite clean is No Amp at all and just a raw pickup signal into a DAW.

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  • Thanks for the feedback guys! Very helpful. I know some people's clean is another's edge of breakup so it's hard to define. I have used a couple SVT profiles a couple times. Does anyone know how the KPA "assigns or detects" what it thinks/sees the amount is at the profiling stage... so it can assign a graphic (bars) to it? Every bit of insight to this helps. Thanks.