Legends Tribute IV Requests

  • I guess several KP users are enjoying Legends Tribute Collection. Great Kemper initiative not only sharing great profiles but enabling everybody to revisit old songs or discover new music and sounds. :thumbup:

    Is Kemper taking requests for songs/bands not covered, yet? Perhaps we could post some suggestions:

    - Cream Crossroads, Eric Clapton LP women tone.

    - Brian Adams, Summer of 69. Keith Douglas Scott

    - The Black Crowes, Hard to Hanlde

    - Bowie, Heroes, Mick Ronson (or The Wallflowers cover)

    - Whitesnake, John Sykes

    - Ratt, Warren de Martini

    - Winery Dogs, Ritchie Kotzen

    - Albert King

    - Paul Kossof

    - Bon Jovi, Sambora

    - Poison, CC deville

    - MotleyCrue Mick Mars

    - Alice Copper

    - David Lee Roth, Yankie Rose


    - Some Satch and Val?


  • Syntek

    Changed the title of the thread from “Legends Tribute IV Requets” to “Legends Tribute IV Requests”.
  • Brilliant, I like that idea. Thomas Dill does those profile tweakings very well.

    Not much to add to the list above. I'd definitely vote for Keith Scott, John Sykes and Ritchie Sambora!

    So maybe:

    - Alice In Chains / Jerry Cantrell

    - Frank Zappa (Solo tones like in Rat Tomago / Yo Mama)

    - Pat Martino

    ...just checking the other packs and again very excited about how much names are covered and how much good stuff is in there :thumbup:8)

  • If you go this Path, then Larry Carlton should also be in the basket ;)

    Legends-Tribute pack no. 3 contains this: TD - Lar Car 8)

    But admitted before I mentioned some names above I was going through the packs to not name anything redundant. Well knowing that there are some in the packs who are well known for more than just one sound...

  • Boston - Tom Scholtz classic tone. Like a totally realistic one without buying a Sony Walkman.

    Nickelback - Kroeger/Peake "Side of a Bullet" tone.

    Drowning Pool - CJ Pierce "Bodies" tone.

    Triumph - Rik Emmett "Blinding Light Show" clean and distortion tones.

    Pat Travers - Pat Travers "Snortin Whiskey" tone.

    3 Doors Down - Matt Roberts "When I'm Gone" tone.

    Molly Hatchet - Dave Hlubek "Flirtin With Disaster" tone.

    The Babys - Wally Stocker "Back On My Feet Again" tone.

    Pat Benetar - Neil Giraldo "You Better Run" tone.

    Loverboy - Paul Dean classic tone without having to break your neck and screw it back together.

    Rage Against the Machine - Tom Morello "Wake Up" tone.

    Living Colour - Vernon Reid - "Cult of Personality" tone. (yes, I know it's controversial).

    I'll have a dozen more once these are done. :)

    The more you find what Kemper can do then the harder you try to find what it cannot do -- like make a good cup of Frappuccino.

  • Although Randy Rhoads is already in the Collection, with CrazyTrain, there were other great players and different signature tones in ozzy’s band that worth a tribute.

    Jack E Lee, Ozzy Back at the moon or Shot in the dark

    Zack Wylde, Ozzy Mama I’m coming home.