Kemper and Bose L1 Pro

  • I would like to use a Bose L1 Pro as a Portable PA with my Toaster.

    Although I did disable Bose’s reverb and EQ settings, I perceive some latency or reverb added in that system. That issue is noticeable playing mid/high gain profiles with long delays and no reverb in the Kemper.

    I don’t get this issue through my monitors or headphones.
    l’ve seen some Line6 videos and early Kemper Demos in NAMM shows through Bose L1 and sound good.

    I’ve tried some of Bose L1Pro guitar presets available in their app, and connecting to the different L1Pro 1/4” channels, but I can’t get rid of that extra reverb or lag.

    Does anyone has experience using Kemper and Bose L1Pro line? Please share your signal chain, tips and settings. Thanks

  • Yes, my KP delays are stereo, I am using a Y cable 1/4” L/R to TRS. Should I use mono delay settings then?

    That's likely your problem.

    The 1/4-inch Tip-Ring-Sleeve inputs on the Bose L1 Pro are balanced (mono).
    Try this instead.

    On the PROFILER

    In the Output section page 1

    - Set Monitor Output Source to Master Mono

    - Connect the Monitor output to the Bose L1 Pro channel 3 (which by definition is flat/dry). Use a 1/4-inch Tip-Sleeve cable.
    (Normally, I would prefer a balanced connection but the monitor output on the PROFILER is 1/4-inch Tip-Sleeve, unbalanced)

  • Thank you guys. You nailed the source of my issue. It was the stereo setup in a mono system. I’ve tried your tips successfully.

    Option A) Using KP Master Mono or Monitor mono, did the trick.

    Option B) Using a mixer, (I need it for the rest of the instruments/vocals anyway), I go KP Master Stereo —> mixer (using two channels) —>mixer mono output —> Bose.
    This way I don’t have to change KP output presets and I still have the option to use a stereo setup through the mixer stereo output.

    Terrific output flexibility we do have with the KP. :thumbup: