Solved: Monitor Cab off issue

  • Good day my fellow Kemper users !

    I've read some other forum posts about similar issues but no solutions to fix my problem. I'm using the Kemper stage with a merged profile.

    If I'm understanding correctly, the option "monitor cab off" should cancel the Cab simulation for the monitor output section of the Kemper whilst keeping the cab sim on for the main outputs going to the front of house ?

    If this is the case there seems to be a problem with mine. If I switch on the "monitor cab off" it makes no difference in sound through my PA or Amp, the sound stays exactly the same through both as if it was a studio profile. If I switch the "cabinet" soft button off under the stack section of the Kemper, the sound is much better through my 4x12 and obviously sounds very bad through the PA which would makes sense since the cab sim is off.

    Currently I'm running a jack from the Monitor out of the Kemper into my amp's return and an XLR from the Kemper's main out into my PA.

    Hopefully someone can help me, I'm not sure if there's something wrong with my unit or if I've possibly missed a setting or something.

    Regards Louie

  • From manual page 41.


    These are your main stereo outputs. Use these outputs to connect to a mixing desk in a recording studio, or to the front-of-house mixer in a live situation. These outputs deliver the entire Rig: amp, cabinet, and all effects. You have a choice of XLR (balanced) or quarter-inch TS-jacks (unbalanced). The XLR outputs are protected against 48V phantom power fed by a mixing desk. However, you should avoid feeding phantom power into the PROFILER if you want the best audio quality. Like all inputs and outputs, it offers a ground lift to prevent a loop hum.


    Use this mono output to connect the PROFILER to a stage monitor with its own level controls. This output also has its own ground lift.

    You can also connect this output to a power amp and a regular guitar cabinet. In this case, you need to switch the cabinet simulation off, using the soft button “Monitor Cab Off” in the Output Section, to prevent the unwanted coloration that would result from running a speaker emulation through a guitar cabinet.

    Bypassing the cabinet module can also be done by simply pressing the CABINET button. However, there are two differences compared to enabling “Monitor Cab Off”: • Bypassing cabinet is an individual setting to each Rig, unless you lock the cabinet module in its “off” state. Monitor Cab. Off is a global setting. • It will bypass the cabinet module for all outputs, whereas "Monitor Cab Off” will only affect the signal routed to the MONITOR OUTPUT (and the built-in power amp of PowerHead and PowerRack).

    ✓ If you select the option “Monitor Stereo”, MONITOR OUTPUT and DIRECT OUTPUT become one logical pair of stereo outputs. Functions like Monitor Output Source, Monitor Output Volume, Monitor Volume Pedal, Monitor Output Link, Monitor Cab. Off, Monitor Output EQ, and Aux In > Monitor are applied to both outputs automatically.

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