Vol/Wah Issue

  • Hey everybody!

    I use a Kemper Stage with a Mission Engineering EP1-KP set up as a Vol/Wah pedal (...the pedal has a switch built into the "toe" part that is connected to the kemper via an additional cable - thereby allowing me to switch on the wah by pressing).

    And my issue occurs in performance mode when I switch between the 5 banks available in a performance, for example:

    - on Bank 1-4, I have a sound without a wah, using the volume pedal normally

    - on Bank 5, I have a sound with a wah pre-engaged (because I need to be able to switch quickly between the sounds)

    Now, the problem is that when switching e.g. from "1" to "5", the kemper remembers the volume-pedal setting from "1" and applies it to "5".

    So when I have the volume pedal in the heel position before switching, I'll end up in "5" without any signal.

    (That means I would now have to manually turn off the wah, thereby re-activating the volume pedal function, turn it to max volume and then switch on the wah again.)

    To me it would make much more sense for it to default to max volume (just like it would be without a volumepedal connected) since there now is no volume pedal available.

    Does anybody have an idea how to make it default to max volume when switching to a sound with no volume pedal active?

    Thanks a lot,