Kemper wish list

  • I’ve been a long time Kemper user ( since 2012) along with other gear, latest Kemper was a rack, now just received the Stage today.. had a QC ordered but canceled after spending a week with a borrowed one.. only thing it had for me was the size .. nice and small and easy to carry for traveling … didn’t seem like a finished product yet .. maybe in a couple years, I liked its size, But I have to sing too, so I like the switch's spacing on the Kemper better..

    Anyways Kemper wish list for me originally was something like the Stage, I’m happy with it so far, it does all I need my wish list now is for a very reliable OS, and if a Stage 2 ever comes out and it’s slightly smaller and lighter while being built tough, I’ll be even happier :)

  • Like most, there is nothing I really "need".

    I still like the rack and remote form factor and Kabinet is great and something keeps me with that rather than a stage type solution. My request are therefore a bit wacky:

    1) wireless remote - built in rechargeable battery etc. anything for less wires!!

    2) Ability to store and play mp3 files ( for intros)

    My more sensible ones are RM related:

    1) RM is still too unreliable for copying between the profiler and PC - so I'd like to see more work on that

    2) Ability to programme the remote in RM, ideally a graphic of the remote - this would also make setting morph up a bit easier.

  • Sure is! But the complexity of that setup with Poe-injectors, and Ethernet cables everywhere makes it not worth it for me. I want less cables, not more!

    Same here. A USB-Dongle for a direct access to the KPA without any further WLAN and additionally with all profiles on your personal rig exchange space. So it can be managed everywhere from a simple Smartphone App. Also the Backup function should be possible and so forth …

  • It would be great if Rig Manager could allow to configure signal chains with more than 4 effects pre and post stack, while giving the option to set just 4 pre and 4 post stack effects into the physical stomp buttons and assign 4 remote buttons as usual.

    We do have a lot of tools to shape the sound pre or post stack, like double tracker, widener, EQs, loop, transpose, etc., a lot of interesting stuff that coupled with other effects, it is very hard to be constrained to 4 stomp slots. For instance, some of those sound shaping stuff in a signal chain may be used always-on in a Rig and they do not really need an on/off switch through the stomp buttons or remote switches. Those could be easily configured just from the RM.

  • a sustainer/feedbacker

    a "strymon deco" kind of effect

    a better version of univibe

    a independent and assignable volume control for all outputs

    a detune effect with + and - cents at the time

    a microseconds time for delays to better spread effect

  • Agree with some of the earlier posts:

    - A studio/graphic EQ in input/output section (save soms slots)

    - A better way to connect ipad/iphone app to kemper head (USB dongle?)

    - Better way for browsing trough rigs in RM

    In another thread someone mentioned that the USB of the Kemper is not capable of handling datatransfer from such Wi-Fi-dongle. I wondered why it then is possible to transfer data from pc to the KPA and back by USB-cable but not with a dongle?
    Would be great if someone of Kemper would let us know. Would be happy if it could be possible due to the fact that I plugged in an PoE permanently to my KPA to not wear out the fragile cat socket.

  • I am a long term big fan and user of the profiler for many years!

    I wish better handling of IR Impulse:

    (1) no 'cab approximation' but possibility to use a full resolution IR

    (2) possibility to put an IR anywhere in the signal chain (IR Stomp)

    (3) possibility have a 'mix' parameter for the IR/cab, to allow a % of the signal to remain unaffected

    (I am a long term user of the profiler for electric guitars, I am starting to use the kemper as a platform for acoustic guitar, using the profiler to emulate the mic'ed sound of the acoustic guitar)