STORE Button is always illuminated - why ?

  • Actually using 8.7.9, but I noticded this a few versions before , too.

    Way to reproduce at my toaster (RigManager not connected) :

    Browser mode, switch between rigs using Rig left/right buttons.

    STORE is always on.

    After selecting an effect, the STORE button´s LED turns off. EXIT : STORE is lit.

    Pressing STORE, then replace : STORE LED off.

    Then switch to next rig and back, STORE LED is on again.

    Bug, feature or am I doing something wrong ?

    Best regards


  • As soon as a Rig gets edited, "E" gets displayed and the STORE button is lit.

    If you lock an effect module or Volume Pedal and then load another Rigs, this is edited right from the beginning and therefor "E" appears and STORE is lit right from the beginning. Because if you store this Rig now, you store it including the locked elements.