Apollo Twin + S/Pdif and Kemper?

  • Hey good people. My normally trustworthy Focusrite Saffire 14 Pro is starting to show strange behavior. I’ve had it since they launched it, so it’s a bit old. But it always worked. Now it just seems like it needs to go.

    I’m using Kemper through the S/Pdif in/out and I would like to continue doing that. I’m leaning towards the Apollo Twin, but it does not have a dedicated S/Pdif connection. It says so though and I have found out, that the connection is ADAT and that I can connect S/Pdif through an external adapter.

    I have some questions.

    Has anyone here used the Apollo Tein with the Kemper S/Pdif?

    Is it possible to connect both in and out through this ADAT connection, as I would like to use the re-amping as well.

  • you can use the spdif out from Kemper to the Adat/Spdif optical in on the Apollo, but you need asn Adapter from Coax spdif to optical spdif

    cost 10 bucks on amazon, this works without problems

    you can only connect the keeper spdif out to the apollo

  • I’ll be looking into them all. The Motu as well. I’m just not sure that the way the knobs are set up, is something I like. I kinda like having a dedicated knob for headphone and a dedicated knob for monitors. Here you have to push the knob to switch between these and the way the knob is placed looks like it’s gonna annoy me, because I always have a set of headphones attached. Maybe it’s a small thing and it IS the only thing that kinda holds me back on the Motu. It’s a workflow thing. And as I see it the S/Pdif is not visible on the display either. Or maybe it’s every input it will show. But I’m considering it.

    I’ve been considering the Antelope Zen Q, but apparently you have to connect to the internet before every time you use it. That seems annoying as my computer often not is online. And they talk about an eco system and that Antelope have problems with support and the unit itself has had issues. I’m digging the look and the big knob though even if it’s controlling all outs. But I’m afraid that there are to many “don’ts” by going Antelope.

  • The only thing I worry about is the fact that Focusrite didn’t update drivers for my Saffire 14 Pro for many years. So I’m a bit hesitant to invest in an audio interface that has been on the market for many years already. I would prefer a newer interface, so the drivers get updates many years out. I know bugs and newer hardware is often unavoidable, but with new hardware they will often focus more on getting rid of bugs.

  • Most Motu users don't even touch the knobs because you do everything through the UI nowadays, but I do see that as a negative if you like to touch. I bet future interfaces will be totally knobless. Frankly, you set the interface once and you're done.

    The more you find what Kemper can do then the harder you try to find what it cannot do -- like make a good cup of Frappuccino.

  • leo helm I see what you mean and agree to a certain extent. But the Kemper is the perfect counter example. I’ve heard that RME is really good and reliable regarding updates.

    BayouTexan I use my volume knob for headphones and for monitors everything single day. I don’t have only ONE volume level I use while recording, jamming and mixing. So it’s paramount for me to have easy access to volume control. On top of that I often have to use the software to mix the volume between input level and output level. Especially when going from guitar to bass or from distortion to clean guitar. So if that could be accessible through the interface, I would love that. I think the Babyface has that. But that’s not as important to me, as I don’t do a lot of changes like that doing a session.

    But yes….input levels stay the same….pretty much.