Remote and big feet problems :(

  • Fully agree! And ... not just the kemper remote has a too narrow button spacing.

    I opend willing to build myself a wider spaced version, but it´s too much work / alles einzelne Platinen / circuitboards.

    -> copied from the feature request I posted 2 minutes ago:

    Still looking for a practical two amp parallel thing I just found a quad cortex video where a guy demos this, I almost think about ordering one to try it out, but then he foot-switched presets. In socks. No shoes. Using a somewhat pointed big toe as if trying to avoid hitting the wrong button. And even that looks a bit thumbs crossed. So I imaginate wildy soloing and grooving face to face with the bass player on stage right, suddenly realizing I´ve got 3 beats left till goto preset -not solo sound-, I jump and run over to stage left, then stop! to breathe and concentrate, bow down a bit to see what I´m doing, take off one shoe, carefully point my big toe .... I put the Quad Cortex idea aside. I get the idea that small ist good if you´re flying - but mainly I just play guitar and rock out. Shoe size EU 43 / UK 8 / US 9, like come on... I can´t be the only one?

    Quote from weizenfrank * two parallel Amps: almost every guitarist I admire parallels 2 amps on stage, they can´t all be wrong...
    (2 Kempers will not do the trick)

    * way more slots w. flexible pre post routing
    (look at Frusciante´s Board ie)

    * profiling of Stomps/Wah/Synth

    * 1HE 19" unit w. all connectors

    * increased dynamic range

    * morph to allow switching on/off stomps and/or change fx preset

    * 2 on top compressors (1 pre amp pre slots and 1 post amp pre slots) w. standard parametrics (threshold/ratio/attack/release/makeupgain/%dry-wet) w switchable characteristics (fet/opto/vca).

    * larger remote / switch spacing: grown up shoesize + intensive rnr attitude = always hitting at least 2 switches
    * remote screen size & - brightness that works on larger openair stages
    * let every switch be programmable to do anything and/or combinations of
    * all switches to have own small color codeable & daylight capable displays
    Display Less

  • Same here. The remote is tiny. Also the numbers are not illuminated as they are on the stage model. Two very big disadvantages and very close to a show-stopper.

    I will try the FCB1010 equipped with the Uno4Kemper-chip alternatively. Or even switch to the stage.

  • I will try the FCB1010 equipped with the Uno4Kemper-chip alternatively. Or even switch to the stage.

    Just so you know, one of the big issues I had with the FCB1010 was if you hit 2 buttons at a time, it gets confused and doesn't select anything, so you end up with drop outs. That doesn;t happen with the remote, so I don't think it's the answer for you...

  • Anyone else struggle with the Remote for live use ?

    I have size 11 feet (UK size) and they are wide too, I'm forever clipping the switch next to the one I want to hit, often resulting in the wrong patch etc ?

    I tried some of those button topper things, but not sure if that made things worse ?

    Anyone else struggle?

    I don't have big feet (size 9 UK) but I wear these big b*ggers on stage:

    New Rock Unisex Metallic Oxidised Military Boots - M.373-S18 - Dark Fashion Clothing

    Whilst I do have to be careful, I don't have many issues.

    I don't use any button toppers because as said elsewhere, I think it would make it worse and I don't think the spacing is particularly narrow or worse than any other footswitch.

    I think the answer (which I suspect you won't like) is:

    1) Most issues for me are the back switches. The front switches I have no issue with. I therefore rarely use the stomp on and off, I tend to morph - so all effects on for each slot but set to zero and morph switch to bring them in

    2) I use the volume pedal for the tuner

    3) I use my foot tip - try to be delicate - after a time it's quite natural