Performance File Type

  • Noobie here - need your help importing some performances I just purchased. The performances I ordered have a file type ".kperformance," but Rig Manager is looking for ".kpif" files. I can't import them - please advise!

  • From the Rig Manger manual...

    Imports and Exports
    Single Rig files (*.krig, kperformance and *.kpreset) can be imported and exported using the corresponding options within the file menu. Users who don’t have access to their amp, or would like to send files attached to e-mails, might find this option useful.
    You might already have created a number of backups with your PROFILER. Drag a backup file onto the
    application window, and Rig Manager will mount the backup as a location. Note that you cannot write new
    files to a backup. For most situations, it is advisable to mount, backup, and then copy all the files to another place - for instance your Local Library - this way you can easily access and modify files from a backup

    From YouTube

  • Thanks for the tip (and the video!) I was trying the old-school Windows FILE>IMPORT method, but the only only file type it would serch was KPIF. Will try drag-and-drop.

    On another note, what's the difference between KPIF and KPERFORMANCE files?

  • The import function from the File menu is context sensitive. There are 3 Local Libraries, the import function works depending on which Local Library you have clicked on. If you want import Rigs click on the Local Library under Rigs, for Presets select the Presets Local Library, and Performance Local Library to import Performances. The file type for each will change depending on which Local Library is selected KPIF is same as KPERFORMANCE