Hi Im new here

  • I wanted to saving the rigs I like to favourites and performance mode but I have no idea how to do this,. I am sure it's an easy fix but I have been going through the manuals and tutorials and there doesn't seem to be a clear step by step instruction on how to do this, unless I have missed something. Any help will be greatly appreciated

    A little background on performance mode:

    I would suggest its mainly aimed at live use, to easily collate the sounds you need into a structure for quick switching and changing. saving rigs is easy, select a slot, select a rig, press save...done. What issues have you had? Save needs to be pressed 3 times I think as it saves the rig and you can change the name ( of that copy).

    One point to note - this is now a new rig/copy and does not relate to the original. Therefore any changes are only related to the rig in the performance. This has pro's and con's but its important to note that.

    This is all made easier using RM where you can just click and drag.

  • Thank for the messages and for all your helpful advice. Unfortunately, I was looking at the manual that came with my Kemper stage, which I just realised is a quick start guide (my apologies). As rightly suggested there is a more comprehensive manual to download from the Kemper site which actually answered all my questions :wacko: I have managed to add some rigs to performance mode and its a really great option. Also thanks for the advice regarding rig manager also really to easy to use.