Setting up transpose and harmonizer!

  • Hello friends

    I haven't my Kemper with me now and I can't check it but I need your help on something

    I have a performance where all the slots are tuned to D using the transpose knob but my guitar is tuned to E standard. Do I have to set the harmonizer on the guitar's tuning or the harmonizer "goes" with the transpose? For example in this scenario I set the harmonizer on Em (for minor) or Dm? Can't check it right now unfortunately

  • I guess you mean the Harmonic Pitch effect. With Transpose in slot B and Harmonic Pitch in slot D, it gets transposed correctly.

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  • set the Harmonizer's key to the key of the song it is now effectively played in - you're probably downtuning a wholestep to make it a better fit for the singer's range - a song in D (assuming you don't 'compensate' for the wholestep down by playing everything two frets higher and using the transpose only to extend your lower range limit) the song now sounds in C and the harmonizer needs to know that ;)

  • My bad , i didnt clarify what transpose im using. I drop the tuning from the RIG menu!

    So, my guitar is tuned in E, transpose from RIG menu to D and the harmonizer key should be E or D?

    I think the confusion here is the difference between harmonising and transposing.

    transposing is done in fixed semitone steps from whatever note you are playing. Therefore its irrelevent what youa re tuned to or scale/key you are in, its how many steps/intervals from that point. So you don't need to tell it what key you are tuned to, just how many steps. So from E to drop down the whole guitar to D, two steps down.

    Harmonising is following a scale with different intervals relative to the key. Therefore it needs to know both the key and the scale type e.g. Eminor.