Saving rigs to favourites and performance on stage profiler

    • Hi everyone I have a stage profiler. I love it, but as with any new toy there are some teething problems that I was hoping to consult the brains trust to help me resolve. I wanted to save the rigs I like to favourites and performance mode but I have no idea how to do this,. I am sure it's an easy fix but I have been going through the manuals and tutorials and there doesn't seem to be a clear step by step instruction on how to do this, unless I have missed something. Any help will be greatly appreciated :).

  • If you use Rig Manager you will be able to do those things much easier with a click of the mouse.

    The more you find what Kemper can do then the harder you try to find what it cannot do -- like make a good cup of Frappuccino.

  • The wording "save Rigs to Favorites" might indicate a misunderstanding. You can mark/unmark Rigs already stored as Favorites. Being a Favorite is an attribute of an existing Rig. You do this while the Rig is loaded either by holding the RIG button or by entering Rig Settings and press the soft button Favorite. When you then select the View "Just Favorites" only the subset of your stored Rigs will show up, which have been marked as Favorites. If you search the Main Manual for "Favorite" you will easily find the relevant explanations.

    Performance Mode is also explained in the Main Manual in a dedicated chapter. In principle to focus on a Slot e.g. Performance 10 Slot 4 and dial the BROWSE knob. You can browse the Rigs in your browse pool according to the selected View and Sorting e.g. "Just Favorites" "Sorted by Gain". The Rig you selected will get loaded into the Slot. Don't forget to store the Performance.

  • Thank for the messages and for all your helpful advice. Unfortunately, I was looking at the manual that came with my Kemper stage, which I just realised is a quick start guide (my apologies). As rightly suggested there is a more comprehensive manual to download from the Kemper site which actually answered all my questions :wacko: I have managed to add some rigs to performance mode and its a really great option. Also thanks for the advice regarding rig manager also really to easy to use.