Speaking about gigbags... KEMPER STAGE GIGBAG

  • I have a Kemper Stage, and I have bought its kemper bag alongside the stage.

    The bag is great, I can carry all my stuffs , mission , cables, in ear etc etc.

    But I have found that the single soulder strap not good to carry it on long walking distances because of the overall weight loading all on 1 shoulder.

    It would be better to have a second shoulder strap built-in in order to better stabilize the load weight.

    Have someone of you customized this bag in some way "adding" a second shoulder strap or finding another solution to carrying it more confortably?

    Thank you so much :)


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  • I had the stage bag briefly but the space was not enough for me ...

    I mounted in a thomann line FBV flightcase with 2 mission pedals ... it's heavy but handles well due to the handle and everything keeps save

    Remove the lid and i'm good to go !, happy with that decision !


    Kemper stage with 2 mission pedals (in a Thon line 6 FBV case) and a Zilla 212 (K-100/V30) , SD powerstage 700 poweramp

  • I often play out on a holiday island near here and take an Uber and Ferry to save the extortionate overnight downtown parking. I need to be able to carry it in one go and be modular enough for a Prius Uber.

    I use the Stage bag for my Kemper remote, cables, and effects, etc. The power head, Mission pedal and Voicelive goes in the other Kemper bag. My guitar goes in my left hand.

    I also have one of those Stanley tool things, but it's a pain to pack and unpack while still protecting things, so even when I drive to gigs I don't use it anymore.

  • How about a backpack that fits your stuff? Make sure it has a padded hip belt, this makes it so much easier to carry heavy stuff longer distance. if it doesn't have a padded bottom, buy one that's big enough so you can put some soft and medium soft foam in the bottom. I think 35-45 liters backpack, roughly.