Is there a button for Stack on /off in the RM?

  • I can switch Amp and CAB on and off but if the Stack on may Profiler is turned off - how can I turn it on with the RM?

    When I copy a Rig with a turned on Stack to anotherone with turned off it overwrites it and it works - so it stores the Information of it through the copy function but I just need the Stack without copying the Amp and CAP Parameters.

    Anybody knows about this subject?

    Thx, Marc

  • No. There is no Stomp, Stack or Effect button in RM.

    With these also omitted from the Stage, they're basically legacy functions and only exist on the Head and Rack.

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  • In RM you can lock "all but amp" with rightclick an Amp. Afterward unlock Cap and all settings except Amp and Cap are locked. Now you can copy and paste.

    I believe the OP was talking about the Tone Stack...

    I could be wrong but I believe the OP was actually referring to the Stack button which the Head and Rack versions have but Stage and RM don’t. The issue I think they are having is that a rig has been saved on a Rack or Toaster with the Stack section turned off. As this button is missing from the stage and RM they can’t turn it back on. I have seen this discussed in another post recently and I think Burkhard described a work around to fix this.

  • The Stack actually has buttons for that function: activate/deactivate the Stack Section pressing AMPLIFIER nd CABINET buttons simultaneously.

    It's even in the Main Manual desciption of the Stage's panel:

    Module and Section Buttons (4)

    These buttons are associated with the modules and section of the signal chain as described in the chapter Rigs and Signal Chain before. A short press will switch the associated module or section on and off. Press longer to open the associated menu. Once inside a menu use the <PAGE> buttons to scroll through pages of parameters. To open the stack section, press AMPLIFIER and CABINET buttons simultaneously.