Display Port for connecting an external and Larger display.

  • An external port for connecting a larger display would allow many of us to read the display without the need to bend over or walk back to the Kemper.

    I have limited knowledge in this area of electronics, so if anyone knows how this could be created, possiblty using a Y cable at the remote then onto a display that accepts the dot matrix format the current remote uses, then please share the knowledge with the forum. Thanks

  • They developed Rig Manager for iPad/iPhone for this. You run the app over wifi into the Stage, or via a wifi router to the head/rack. You can see all the settings you wish with this arrangement without having to bend over or walk back to the Kemper..

  • CelticGibson, thanks for the suggestion. I was aware of the rig manager app.

    To try and keep it simple w/o adding an iphone into the mix, more work on my part is required to understand what is needed to duplicate the remote's current screen onto a larger screen w/o bringing an iphone into the mix.

    It may need to be tapped from the power rack and not the remote. Regardless I'll post any results.