Praise for Kemper Stage

  • I rarely create posts but after using the Stage for a long while now, I felt the need. I realize everyone has their own needs, wants and experiences, but for me, someone who plays live and has played for 33 years and has played live, on average a minimum of 2 days per week nearly 20 years, it’s the best piece of guitar related gear made. I’ve been a tube snob, owning DrZ’s, nice Fenders and for many years, a Bad Cat Cub iii. I tried the AxeFX iii once and sold it quickly. While the sounds were good by themselves, they weren’t realistic from a feel standpoint and it got lost in a mix. Plus, it was a programming nightmare. After watching many Kemper videos and knowing folks who bragged on them, I said if they ever made a floor model, I’d be the first to buy. Well, I lied. I waited to see what others thought and of course, there were initially problems with it. I waited until those were worked out. Once they were, I bought and I’ve had it for, nearly 2 years I guess. I sold my Bad Cat and 5 (!) pedalboards of varying size. For live use, with the tones available, effects available, reliability and consistency available, there is no better product available in my opinion. Thank you Kemper for creating this amazing product for working musicians!