MIDI CC# for EXP Pedals

  • The reference manual reads:

    The two expression pedal destinations can also be played by MIDI controllers. Pedal 1 (Wah Pedal) responds to MIDI controller #1 (Modulation Wheel). Pedal 2 (Volume Pedal) responds to MIDI controller #7 (Channel Volume).

    Can I change those numbers in the KPA? (and if yes, how?)

  • Hey,

    I got the fcb1010 today.

    I still don't have any special chip installed, no problems with changing presets,

    but couldn't get the expression pedals working..

    Can I get them to work with the original chip or am I wasting my time?

  • Yes, you can.

    The FCB1010 is preprogrammed to send CC#7 from the (left) pedal A and CC#14 from pedal B.

    The Kemper listens for Volume to CC#7, so the left pedal should work as soon as you connect it to the Kemper.

    For the right pedal to work as a wah pedal you have to program the FCB to send CC#1 cause this is what the Kemper expects.
    Read the FCB manual on how to do that. It is simple, but quite tedious, because you can't set this globally. You have to do this for every preset.

    hope this helps