Kemper S/PDIF Focusrite

  • Hello,

    Please forgive me, I've been reading and researching for a couple days now and every time I think I found the solution, it doesn't work. I switched from an analog connection to a S/PDIF on my Scarlett 18i20 to free up the two guitar inputs. I have the out from Kemper going in to the 18i20 S/PDIF. The interface is connected via USB. My Focusrite controller is set to S/PDIF 1-2 with internal clock source. I tried using S-PDIF source but lose my output sound from my iMac. The Sample rate for all devices is 48 kHz set. BUT, I hear an occasional "tsk", it's faint but I hear it. It's like a cricket that is in the room that you can't find but know it's there. Please, can you help me rid this cricket? Thank you so much!

  • In Windows, if I want the Interface output to go thru my computers' sound card and out to my computer speakers, I have to go to the Speaker Output options in Windows and select "Speakers - Realtek High Def Audio" instead of "Out (1-2) - Interface_Name " for my monitors.

    The more you find what Kemper can do then the harder you try to find what it cannot do -- like make a good cup of Frappuccino.

  • Apparently, I have to switch my control between Internal and S/PDIF which is unfortunate every time I turn on or off my Kemper.

    Yes, that is true, that's a thing you need to do every time if you want the Kemper to be the source. Some KPA's can also slave to an outside clock, for example your Focusrite interface. I don't know the details, but some early KPA toasters don't like this so much. Have you also connected the Focusrite S/PDIF output to the Kemper input?