Direct out settings

  • Hello!

    I´m using the Kemper for the bass guitar!

    The signal path looks like this: Input - Pitch (to tune down for some songs) - amp - some fx - output.

    We go out from the Main Out L into the mixing desk but we also want to give our mixing engeneer the pure bass direct sound (but with the pitch!!)

    But when we use the direct out the processed signal is pitched, and the other one is not! That sounds a little bit odd... ;-)

    Do you have any ideas how to achieve that?


  • if you use the transpose function in the rig menu you can insert a mono fx loop into stomp A and use the direct output as a send for that signal. The mix parameter in the mono fx loop allows you to forward the signal to the rest of the signal chain.

  • Two ideas. One I know will work the other I haven’t tested.

    1 place a loop in Stomp A or B and enable Parallel Path. Use the FX send from the loop to serve as the direct signal for the desk. Do not plug anything into the return. This will almost certainly achieve what you want. You might have to make sure the Transpose is used in the Rig menu rather than as a stomp in one of the slots.

    2 I haven’t checked this but you might be able to use the Git Studio output setting as this taps the signal after A/D converter but I think it is also before the rig menu unfortunately so might not pick up the transpose.