Helix upgrade version

  • My friend (yes genuinely, it's not code for me) has a Helix and he was saying that they have just released a new version with improved amps.

    As a few people on here also own a Helix, I wondered what their views were and if they have made a leap forward?

    In other words, do I need to revisit my profiles to keep up with him :)

  • The other guitarist of our band bought a Helix LT 2/3 months ago.

    I've owned one for two years so i purposed him to take it home to search my old presets and put them into Helix...Or work on his presets...

    The week i had Helix at home, the update was released, i asked him if i could do it ; software/programms aren't his cup of tea....

    So i took the plunge (for him ^^) and could play with the new stuffs...;)

    The new update brings, above all, new cabs simulations. It sounds louder and the definition is better. It brings the ability to angle the mic sim and move from the cone to the edge position. This is really an improvment :thumbup:. I assume they've worked hard on this !

    I have played with it a good part of week-end....:D

    On the other hand, i always feel there's something flat in Helix, and the conclusion was quickly (after pluggin my stage in my monitoring) that there will be no turning back 8o;)

    I showed my friend the new parameters, and insisted to built simple presets and to take time on cab's sims' parameters, if you change the mic, its position, its angle, it changes completely.

  • I did demo the vst version soon after it was released and I can't say I was impressed and have tested other amp sims that sounded better and much cheaper. The mesa had really loose bottom. But maybe my opion would been different today if I had given it a spin now.

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  • The news cabs are better than the old cabs. The ability to move the mic around (like an IR pack) so its good for tone shaping.

    The update also lowering the processor load from cabs and IRs reduces the 'awwww man I've run out of DSP !!' when you choose some demanding models. The polyphonic pitch still hoses the DSP :) .

    The Helix is still a GREAT midi controller for the Kemper !!

  • I use both the Kemper and the Helix.I am normally using the Kemper in the studio and the Helix in the living room ,but with the new firmware it could be the other way around.The Kemper still has the best (almost real) amp feel but its getting close.The ease of use of the Helix is way better and also the effects.