Anyone plays Taylor with ES2 pickupsystem?

  • Hello I have had a Taylor Accoustic for 20 years and realy like it. it has a Martin pickup (blend with piezo and body pickup) it sounds great trough my Kemper!

    I am looking for a new Taylor, but was realy disepointed when i played a 816ce trough an amp in the Taylor booth! this 5000 dollar guitar sounded fizzy and nazal trough a NUX amp in the showroom. maby this NUX amps are shit, but I expected more of a 5000 dollar guitar.

    Anyone her uses Taylor with ES2 system? any soundclips! I have to say i like LR.Baggs Anthem a lot more! I try to make a discussion on Taylor group on Facebook, but only got messages from Fanboys who love Taylor and ES2 to me it did not sound as Natural as my good old Taylor

  • I have a taylor 514ce with Es2...

    But i dont use kemper with it, yet.

    For a piezo system, i liked it a lot lot lot more than the undersaddle piezo i had before in my martin dx1 rae.

    With onboard control (reduce treble a bit and raise bass a bit), for my purpose so far i could play live without hassle.

    I just dial in a bit of reverb on the mixer.

    But yes, sure... Kemper will be nice for it in the future to have more control options with the feet ;)

  • I don’t have the ES two system but I do have a Taylor T5 Z custom koa with their proprietary body sensor. I think it sounds better than any acoustic pick up system I’ve ever heard. I have various Fishmans and other piezo systems and dont particular like them on other acoustic only guitars I have.. I’ve never particularly cared for any of the piezo systems. Best luck I’ve ever had getting a good sound out of a piezo of system is running it through my TC helicon acoustic live that has different settings for body resonance. I assume those settings are just filtered IRs.

  • Yes my 714ce has the ES2 and I hate it. So disappointing for such a lovely guitar.
    I replaced it with a lr Baggs.. wired into the tail piece battery holder. I left the stock controls (but they’re obviously not connected to anything), so it can all be reversed.

  • metoo for CE414. The Taylor PU is horrible.

    I bought a Seymour Duncan MigMag, the sound is perfect for me.

    Give it try. If you like it, you can re-wire the battery and output

    without removing ar damaging the original stuff.

    Needs a little thinking and work.