IK Multimedia Tone x, anyone tried it yet.

  • So has anyone put the ToneX pedal into the Kemper effects loop?, will this give us some sort of dual amp capabilities? Or just mess things up?

    Most likely going to run into phasing issues unless you can figure out how to do some hard panning or happen to pick a combination of tones that don't fight each other at different or similar levels. I've tried putting all the current digital platforms in each other's fx loops and ran into this often.

  • Part of me really likes the idea of that Tone X pedal and would like to give it a try but then again all this blatant Youtube promotion turns me right off: in the end, it's still a glorified Iridium. I also wonder how it could realistically be an improvement over my current Kemper rig... tone-wise probably not in any significant way, I also think the powerhead is a much more convenient and flexible rig for live performance. The software part of this would help my workflow when recording, but then again I'm used to do reamps just fine with the Kemper. Carry less weight maybe? Then I should just hit the gym instead. If I started a new rig from scratch I could think about it and maybe stick it nicely in my pedalboard but at this point, a new product would really need to bring something out of this world for me to justify spending the time/effort to migrate and find my sounds all over again.

  • We see and hear the world not as it is but as we are ourselves. You can measure it or not but I am of the opinion that guitarists should concentrate on their skills and musicality instead of creating or following gear or tone religions. Yes, I can make good songs with "bad" gear, so can millions of others, even on a professional level. They can make others happy with their bad, unmeasured tone.

    Than we can agree there is "Bad" gear. Again, you doing whatever you want and achieving results with it, it is a story completely appart. I can make my old spider IV amp sound good in a song, but it does not mean it is as good or as bad as a Kemper or Axe Fx. Thats why everybody should be informed before buying their next hundred/thousand dollars piece of gear, not everything is as good or as bad as everything.

  • In isolation, I think I'm starting to like the tonex amps and cabs just a tiny bit more than the cortex. Sometime soon I'm gonna run the,

    Kemper into the tonex captured cabs


    Tonex captured amps into the kemper cab sims and speaker imprints.

    The few user captures I just tried do sound better than the factory ones I'm pretty sure.

  • Its the Quad all over again...

    Couple of comments from me:

    1) Will there be biased views out there? Yes

    2) Is it possible to judge a good or bad sound? To a degree but in some cases some people can make a bad amp sound good and vice verse. However, there comes a point when its more about personal choice than good or bad.

    3) Is set up of these devices key? Totally and more and more so the more complex they are..

    4) Is the Tonex any good? I have no idea... Blind tests seem to be the best measure as it takes out bias...I'd like to see some of those...

    So, I think its good for people to put there views on here but context is key. How has it been tried etc. Time will tell and it will be a consensus view that will determine how good it is, so Im interested in multiple views/tests. I'm also interested in the practical side as well as the sound - no point it sounding fantastic if its not a viable tool live ( for me) as an example.

    BTW I don't subscribe to using a tube power amp and guitar cab with any of these devices, otherwise I might as well us a tradition amp - totally defeats the point. I also don't believe the Helix is a bad sounding device ( refer to points 2 and 3).

  • And I still stand by what I said, I do not like the Kemper's power amp that's built into the head, its that simple, I probably should have purchased the Stage model instead. What does this have to do with me not liking the Tonex? I like the Kemper and Helix using a real tube poweramp and a real cabinet. I play live, I'm not interested in CAB, IRs, FRFR and playing in front of a PC. The Kemper and Helix sound much better to me then the Tonex when using a real poweramp and real cabinet. Again...what does my comments about the built in power amp have to do with the Tonex?

    The power amp in the power head is great, super flat. What goes in goes out.

  • Same here, always wished for a mini Kemper. Now I own a Quad Cortex ;-)
    There's something interesting happening here in Switzerland
    There's a website where you can buy used things.
    Usually you could find only one or two Kempers there.

    Since Tonex was released there are constantly five to ten Kempers for sale. Interesting...

  • If people are selling their Profiler's and replacing them with a Tone x pedal.....that's not an even swap. Not even close.

    If that's happening, those people overpaid for what they used the Profiler for. An HX Stomp is far closer in features - and the world didn't end when that was released.

    “Without music, life would be a mistake.” - Friedrich Nietzsche

  • Yeah I couldn’t fathom ditching the Kemper for a Tone X, 2 different things with a common tone source.

    I have an interest though and are thinking of placing the Tone X in the loop of a L6 HX effects, could be a good compact and capable digitally mini board, just a different tool, no way am I selling the KPA though.

    New talent management advice to Laura Cox -

    “Laura want to break the internet? let’s shoot another video of you covering the Nightrain solo in the blue singlet, but this time we’ll crank up the air conditioning”.

  • Got my Tonex pedal this past Saturday. I've been using the software, previously, through my interface and monitors/Kabinet - def had a bit of latency with my old pc.

    Latency definitely not an issue now! Sounds fabulous when you find a good model, some of the stock ones were great, most meh. The software is buggy as hell, get all kinds of weird issues when trying to arrange presets on the pedal via librarian tab of the software. Presets popping up in other slots and similar. Worked out after a bit by copying and comparing with what's on my pc. The software splits your local pc library at the bottom and what's on the pedal at the top. Even with a big monitor it makes it time consuming to build up your pedal presets.

    I got it for $299 USD, since I already owned Tonex Max, so I think it's a fab deal and a great product that has some buggy software. I'm sure the bugs will get worked out.